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2022 Building Project


We have got planning permission!! Sept 2022 so just the last push now for the final bit of fundraising.

Temple Guiting Church of England School rebuilding project.


We are a small village primary school in the middle of the north Cotswolds . We are small in number but big on ambition. We are trying to rebuild a new Key stage 1 area that is currently 2, 40+ year old Elliot buildings that are starting to fail in a big way. They are leaking and seals are failing and mould is growing all over the ceilings and corners of the rooms. There are other issues with the buildings, they are simply not fit for purpose in 2021. We approached Gloucestershire County Council to discuss rebuilding. We were told there was no budget for this but because our numbers have grown and as we taken our staffroom to be a classroom they would install another reconditioned Elliot building plus install 2 new toilets for children. This was at a cost of £200,000 but we would then have to use our income we have already raised to renovate the other 2 old Elliot buildings at a cost of £65 - £70,000. This would leave us with little capital and three old buildings that are still not fit for purpose.


We did not believe this was the best way forward and that a full rebuild of our 2 classrooms and office blocks in an environmentally sustainable way was a far better long term option for our school. We found an architect who has designed wonderful steel framed, Timber clad building that would be perfect.

With the help of Mr MacKenzie-Charrington our local councillor and our MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, we managed to persuade Gloucestershire County Council to ring fence the £201,000 to go towards the rebuilding project for 1 year so we have until July 2022 to raise the remaining capital.

The project is costed at £525,000


In total we have raised so far £346,900 so we need to raise a further £178,100. We are passionate in pursuing this project to ensure we have facilities that will support our pupils learning especially in the time following the pandemic. We feel our children's mental health is paramount and the environment that they learn is an important part of this. Included in our plan is a group room - we intend this room to be used for therapy and counselling sessions to assist our more vulnerable pupils as at present, we have no dedicated area to ensure privacy and comfort for these children who need it most.


I am more than happy to give further detail if a potential donor is interested and they are very welcome to visit the school to see how great the need is. Please feel free to donate to our hugely ambitious but very needed project at our Just Giving page.


Thank you once again for championing our cause, we are very grateful for your assistance.

Open days for Prospective Parents -Tuesday 1st November and Thursday 17th November 9.30 - 11. Everyone is welcome to come and visit our lovely school.