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Class Structure

In any class there will be a wide range of ability. At times, the whole class may be taught the same lesson, at other times, the children will be split into groups so that each group can be taught at a level that is more appropriate to their particular requirements. The groups may be arranged in ability sets, in cross-year groups or in friendship groups. Care is taken so that each child experiences the full range of the different groups.

Teachers employ a variety of methods and strategies to develop each child’s individual potential. Each lesson starts with an explanation of the aims and objectives of the lesson, so that children understand what is expected from the lesson. Detailed curriculum plans are available on this website and each term parents receive a curriculum newsletter that outlines what their child will be studying that term.

The school has four classes:


Class 1         Reception and Year 1


Class 2         Year 2


Class 3         Year 3 and Year 4


Class 4         Year 5 and Year 6

Please remember to return your play ticket requests ASAP as extra ticket requests will be dealt with as quickly as we can. We cannot go over the number of seats on our health and safety certificate.