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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Today we collected stones and pond vegetation for our tadpoles :)

Our eggcellent creations

Class 1 Open afternoon 13th February Polar explorers - lots of fun had by all.

Online Learning - 3rd January 2023


Happy new year! I hope you have all had a lovely break and are ready to see what 2023 has in store. Below I have attached some activities that I would like the children to do on their online learning day (I have provided activities that also require no printing). Please send your child into school with this work on the 4th January as this will be filed.

  • EYFS 

    Year 1 

    Maths - watch the video on how to form number correctly (the children will be familiar with this. Children to trace numbers on worksheet or free write them onto paper. Reminder of a 'pinching' pencil grip. 


    Counting within 10 - ask children to find 8 teddies, 4 spoons etc.  Worksheet provided as an extension.

    Maths - I have provided you with the next worksheet in our white rose scheme of learning, counting within 20. If you are unable to print the worksheet, please work with your child asking them to find 12 teddies, 15 marbles etc. They can then draw these onto some paper and write the number next to. 


    I have also attached an extension activity for anyone who wants an extra challenge!

    Phonics - flash card all of set 1 with your child both reading and writing. Jot down any that they need help with so we know where to support. 

    Phonics – look back in spelling books and retry spelling any that need improvements from spelling test. Also, recap some common exception words for Year 1. 

    English – either using the template or your own paper, ask your child to draw a day from the Christmas break e.g. Christmas Day, a trip out etc. Using their phonics, children to write some simple cvc words/ initial sounds of trickier words to describe their picture such as, dog, fun etc. Please do not correct your childs spelling e.g. Christmas dinner spelt dina/u is fine as this is phonetically spelt. 

    English – either using the template or your own paper, ask your child to draw a day from the Christmas break e.g. Christmas Day, a trip out etc. I would like your child to write about this picture and be able to read their work back once in school. Please ensure your child is reminded of the following: 

    • Finger spaces 

    • Capital letter at the start of the sentence and for peoples names 

    • Full stops 

    • Letters on the line 

    • Use of phonics to help (please only correct your child/help them with really tricky words) 




    Topic - We are starting a new topic this term 'Polar Explorers'. I would like you to research animals that live in a polar climate. Once you have chosen, I would like you to write the name of this animal,  draw the animal and colour it in accurately (these will be going on our display). Year 1, I would then like you to write some descriptive phrases using adjectives to describe this animals e.g. polar bear - fluffy, sharp claws etc.


See you Wednesday :)



Miss Mabbett

DT - making marshmallow snowmen for the Christmas Fair

Science - looking at ice that we found in the playground

Celebrating Diwali

Start of term notes: 

We are so excited to welcome your child into our class and look forward to the year ahead of us. We hope that your child is looking forward to the new year and aim that each child develops a love of learning and school. 


We aim to encourage independence as an essential process of development. Please encourage your child to walk independently, carrying their school belongings, to join the line where they will be welcomed by Miss Mabbett or Mrs Dobson.


Please use your child's reading record as a form of communication such as reading log, or alternative arrangements for pick-up. They will be checked everyday and therefore, should be in book bags every day. 



  • Please ensure that school jumpers are clearly labelled.
  • As it is now getting wetter and colder, please ensure your child has a coat every day. 
  • PE will be Wednesday and Friday.
  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day. 
  • If you have any issues, no matter how big or small, you can find us on the school field/playground before and after school, write us a note in your child's reading log, or email myself. 


Miss Mabbett and Mrs Dobson

Read Write Inc.

We made the Gloucestershire live Newspaper - a story about the opening ceremony - do take a look.