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Wellbeing Events

Wonderful wellbeing day - Connections - February 10th 2023. Wellbeing walk - cold but wonderful

We're all in this together - dance session

Still image for this video

All in this together pictures

Connections - we all did a little part to make 1 beautiful picture.

Connections - we are all part of the great big TG picture. Each one a small but important part.

PE SESSIONS - Boccia and co-ordination games - it's a lot more challenging than it looks!

Wonderful Wellbeing day!! Tuesday 20th September - we had an amazing day all working together. We got together in 4 different groups, all containing pupils from every year groups and then we took part in 4 different activities. Soup making -yummy, Reflexology and relaxation - down time, creative art - a chance to think and enjoy colour and STEM - tower making to challenge our creative and design skills. It was a great day with so many smiles and the buzz of chatter and co-operation floated around the school. We learned new skills, made new friends and were very creative. It was a good day and huge thanks to the staff who made all of this possible.

Soup Making - Well-being Day 20/9/22

Sports day date is Friday 28th June NOT Wednesday 26th.