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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


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Class 2's Home Learning


Take a look at some of the fabulous learning produced by Class 2 children whilst learning at home.


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Home Learning for w/c Monday 1st June, 2020

Work for May 21+22nd May

Even more amazing work 18 - 22 May

Hi Class 2,

There is an issue with the maths links for today. I will fix it as soon as I can. Please do Wednesday!s work on Monday and by Tuesday it will all be fixed. 

Have a wonderful day, 

Mrs B 

Work for 11.5.20

Work for 06.05.20

Another set of amazing work - keep going Class 2 I am so proud of you!

More wonderful work to share 29.4.20

Amazing work from 27.4.20

Work 27.4.20

More amazing work

Amazing work

Even more amazing work from the week 30.3.- 3.4.20

Home Learning 1.04.20

Dear Class 2,

Happy April Fool's day! Have you played any tricks yet or has anyone played one on you? Today's learning task in English is to find out why we have April Fool's day? ( Parents google history of April Fools day for children - Ducksters is a good start and KidsKonnect)

After you have found out about it, can you answer these questions?

1. What date is April Fool''s Day?

2. What countries  use a fish to play Jokes on April Fool's day? What do they use the fish for?

3. Why is a jester a symbol of April fools day?

4. Can you make a up a joke or trick to play on someone - make sure it is nice not mean? Explain what your trick is.

I can't wait to read these tricks!! 



It's double day today!!

Year 1 

Find a dice , roll the dice then double it. Do this 10 times see how quick you get at doubling .

Now roll a dice write down the number , then roll it again, add them together then double e.g 6 + 5 = 11 double 11 = 22

Do this 10 times. For a challenge roll it 3 or 4 times and add them together and double.

Year 2

 Quick double all the numbers to 20.

Then roll the dice and make the number into a tens digit e.g roll a 2 it become 20 then double it Double 20 = 40.

Now roll a dice write down the number, roll it again write down the number next to your first number e.g. 2 then 4 = 24 then double it so double 24 is 48. If it's hard to do double the tens first , then the units and the combine so double 24 double 20 is 40 double 4 is 8 so 40+8=48.Do this 10 times

Challenge pick any number between 10 and 99 and double it do this a few times.



Carrying on from Mrs Kendall's daffodil theme, at the front of your book in the writing ideas is to write a story of a seed growing, try this one today. Remember punctuation and try to write at least a whole page please.



Halving day today

It's the opposite of doubling.

Year 1

Find half of these numbers as quickly as you can

10, 8, 6, 4, 2 - if you need to use lego bricks to divide numbers in to 2 equal groups so half of 6 is 3 in each group.

Now try these 14, 20, 18, 22, 30, 28.

Reasoning - why can't you divide 11 in half?

Year 2

Find half of these numbers super quickly 

10, 16,20,14

Now find half of these numbers 

22, 34 41,50, 27, 48, 36, 46 and 39. 

Were there any numbers you couldn't divide in half ? Can you explain why?



First job today is to edit your work from yesterday- Read it carefully, is it brilliant? Did you add all the full stops and capital letters you should have? Are all your spellings correct, if not can you correct them? Can you add in any more brilliant vocabulary- did you use any great adjectives( describing words eg dark, crumbly soil)


Commands - remember commands use imperative verbs - strong actions and are short sharp sentences that end with an exclamation mark. So can you write commands using the following imperative verbs.Write commands today!








e.g Pull the rope now!

Y2's try to make some positive  do dome thing and some negative so:

Pull the rope now!  Positive.

Don't you dare pull that rope! - negative


Complete one of the worksheets in your pack today please.


Hope you have a brilliant few days, please do send me your work and I will put some of it up on the class pages. Check out the amazing work that is already up there.


Mrs B



Amazing work sent in!


Monday 30th March

Good Morning Children and Parents,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy and happy.

It looks like it might be a little bit colder this week so I hope you enjoyed all the lovely sunshine last week. Yesterday I was watching the daffodils dancing about in the wind. I will try and send you a picture. There is a very famous poem about daffodils - I wonder if you could learn the first verse for me. I will put it up on here for you. You could try writing it out in your best handwriting and when you have learnt it you could take a video and send it to me. You can also make some lovely daffodils with egg cartons and yellow paint or felt tips. I will also add a couple of practice multiplication sheets for you to do. For science you could keep a food diary for a week and let me know what things you are eating and drinking. You could also do some exercise with an adult or older sister or brother and see if we do get stronger as we get older. Think of an activity and time yourself! 

I hope you are doing lots of reading - I am! Could you write a little bit about the book you are reading and include the characters, setting and what happens in the story. Don't forget to say if you like it. 

Have a good few days and stay safe and well.

Much love

Mrs. M. Kendall 

Wednesday 25th March

Hello Class 2'

I hope you are all doing well. Today is going to be such a beautiful day, so today's work will be outside if possible. Maths- can you you go into your garden and count as many different types of plants that you can find? Before you go out estimate how many you will find then you can check how accurate your estimate was.

For Writing list as many plant names as you can- remember if it is in in a list put commas between each plant until the last one when you put "and"


grass, daffodils, rose, apple tree and holly bush.

Your list will be much longer then add a full stop.

Art - choose a plant or flower to draw, study it carefully, look at all the detail. Look at it from different angles. Remember all the lessons Mrs Dobson has been giving you, now sketch, draw or paint your plant. Please photograph it and send it to me, I'd love to see it.


Maths  a sheet from your pack.

Writing - describe your garden using your 5 senses - well maybe not taste!!

What can you see, smell, hear, feel and touch. Use lots of adjectives and write in full sentences, fill your page there will be loads to describe.


Maths tables challenge Y1's say your 2,5,10 and 3's if you know them then see how many times you can write each table correctly in 2 minutes each.

Y2's say your 2,3,4,5,10 and 11's then write each table out in your book. if you know more tables than that, choose 5 to do.

Writing - a diary of your week, make it as interesting and funny as you can because you will look back on this time as a really important bit of your history.

Geography - start a map of your garden, you may not get it all finished today.


I will send an email to your parents today explaining how we can all chat on our computers next week. If you would like to join in please ask mum or dad to set it up for you.

We miss you all, keep safe and well.

Mrs Barry

Hi Class 2,

Hope you are all doing well. I love the pictures of your chinese cooking, it all smelled so lovely at the time. You all said it tasted yummy too. Have you done any cooking since you have been at home? - send us some pictures and we can let everyone else see them. Send to or


I saw this lovely idea so you can do some RE too.


Have a great day,

Mrs Barry

We had such a good time making some Chinese food and trying to eat it with chopsticks. We also had a taste of some Chinese green tea. The children were remarkably good at using chopsticks and all had a taste even though a few weren't that keen. 

Dear Children and Parents,

The Website is having difficulty coping with everyone trying to use it but when I can I will put some pictures on of our Chinese Cooking afternoon on Wednesday. As it turned out my last afternoon in school with them all. I am so sad that I didn't get the opportunity of saying a proper goodbye to you both but I will come in once we are all back to normal to see you all. What a way to leave after 20 years!

I have put some worksheets up on the website for your children to do. They should be able to do these on fingers or with bricks if necessary. Remind them to hold the largest number in their head and count on. 

If they finish or want more there are some harder ones to try. They will need to think about inverse operation with these: e.g ? + 6 = 9 so think 9-6

or ? -5 = 12 as 12 + 5

They can also practice their 2, 5, 10 and 3 X tables and work on their math's homework book.

For English as we have been working on Dragons please could they draw a beautiful/fierce/ferocious dragon and write 5 sentences about it.

They must include capital letters, full stops and neat writing.

They can also do their spelling test with you and practice some of the common exception words. 

Keep safe and well.

Mrs. M. Kendall smiley

Extended closure letter 20.3.20

Our latest OFSTED report is now available - we are so pleased with the comments and we believe it is a true reflection of our school. Happy reading!