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Parental Involvement

We aim to be an open school and make all parents welcome when they visit. The participation of parents is vital to the success of the school. Each year there is an open day for parents and other visitors to come and see the children at work.

The school send out fortnightly newsletters that keep parents informed of what is happening in school, as well as celebrating successes that the children may have had in the course of the week. This will also be posted on the website for reference at a later date .

Parents-teacher consultations are held during the Autumn and Spring terms with a further consultation offered, if required, after the reports are sent home in July.  These meetings give teachers and parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s educational and social progress. At these meetings, targets for each term for their child are set and reviewed.

Teachers are happy to meet to discuss children’s performance or other issues at other times e.g. after the school day, subject to an appointment being made.

Every other Friday morning, there is a Celebration Assembly to which parents and other family members are invited to see highlights of the children’s work from the week. Certificates for good work and other individual achievements are marked in an atmosphere of mutual support and celebration.

Parents have many skills which can be utilised for the benefit of the children. These may include helping in the classroom (e.g. listening to reading), assisting with after school clubs (e.g. cross-country, cricket and art) or other activities e.g. helping transport children to places of interest. We are always grateful for any assistance parents might be able to give. Please contact the office if you would like to help in any way.

All parents are encouraged to participate in the life of the school and for many joining the active PTA is one way to support the school financially as well as meet other parents on a regular basis. In recent years the PTA has purchased a range of items such as gym equipment and iPads which are used by all the children at the school. It also subsidises trips and pays for visiting theatre groups.

Sports day date is Friday 28th June NOT Wednesday 26th.