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Class 3

We had an excellent trip to the Lavender Fields, this linked well to our Geography focus on 'Land Use.' Firstly, we visited the Beechwood trail and got to find lots of different animals. We also smelt lavender and tried lavender chocolate - it was delicious! Then we learnt about how lavender was distilled and got to see the different machinery used, we loved this part! Thank you Mr & Mrs Byrd for welcoming us, we had a great time!

Summer 2 Curriculum Letter

June Half Term Mini Project


Next term, we will be looking at 'land use' in our local area with a focus on farming.


So that we can start thinking about this, we ask that your child completes a mini project (fact file) all about the village or town where you live. We know that some of you live 'in the middle of nowhere' so we ask that your child choose their closest village to write about. We would love for these projects to include writing, photographs and pictures. This can be presented in any way you choose but we have included an example idea worksheet below if you're really stuck for ideas. These will be shared when we are back in school and displayed in our classroom. We can't wait to learn all about the village where you live!

My Village fact file



Today we started learning about time in Maths, we began by recapping on what we already know. We know that there is 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. We were also able to tell the time at o'clock and half past. The children have brought home a small clock to practice, even just 5 minutes practice in the evening would be very helpful please!


  • Year 3 - telling the time at 5 minute intervals on analogue clocks
  • Year 4 - telling the time on an analogue clock and converting to digital time

Science 18/04/23 - Rocks

Our new focus in Science this term is Rocks. We began by investigating various common rocks, we described their texture and appearance. Afterwards we tried to match each rock to the correct name. The rocks we learnt about were chalk, limestone, granite, marble, sandstone and slate!

Please find attached a list of books that are suitable for year 3 and 4. This is not a 'must read' list but simply to give you some ideas of texts that your child might like to read at home.

Science 14/03/23

Science - Tuning Forks

Still image for this video

We are really enjoying learning about sound in Science! We took part in a carousel of activities today to investigate how sound is made. We discovered that that when sound is made there is a vibration. Our favourite activity was using the tuning forks to create ripples in the water!

Spelling - 06/02/23


Year 3 - statutory words

  • lovely
  • rudely
  • angrily
  • neatly
  • slowly
  • loudly
  • quickly
  • proudly
  • carefully
  • brightly


Year 4 - statutory words



Common exception words

  • pass
  • grass
  • plant
  • path

Gymnastics 30/01/23

We had a great time at the Cotswold School participating in a gymnastics festival! We enjoyed the various activities such as, balancing on a beam, the trampolines and using the ribbons to create shapes.

In Science, we have been learning about light. We have enjoyed exploring what are light sources in our world today. We have also had lots of fun experimenting with mirrors, we have considered that images in a mirror appear to be reversed. In the pictures below, we tried to follow this wavy line using only a mirror to guide us, it was very tricky due to the reflection!

Spring Curriculum Letter

Remote Learning - 03/01/23

Welcome back, Class 3! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year to everyone! I have attached activities for you to complete tomorrow and please bring into school on Wednesday 4th January. I look forward to seeing you all then!

Mrs Davidson


 Year 3Year 4
MathsReview the PPT on 2, 4 and 8 times tables. Complete the worksheet.Review the PPT on multiplying 3 numbers. Complete the worksheet.

Write a recount about your

Christmas holiday. Review the

PPT and use the template to

complete your writing -

blank or time conjunctions template. Remember the features 

of a good recount - introduction,

chronological order, time

conjunctions, describe in detail

what you did, concluding


See Y3 block.

We are learning about the Romans

this term. Please read the story

'Escape to Pompeii' - you might need an adult to read it with you.

Create a story map on a piece of paper for our Talk for Writing focus.

Remember to include key details

and words from the story! 

See Y3 block.


Deforestation Debate

Still image for this video
We have been learning about persuasive writing, we considered why we would want to persuade someone and the different features to make it a successful piece of writing. Yesterday, we wrote an argument either for or against deforestation. We then had a debate and the audience got to decide the winning team! Well done the against team!

Design Technology - Rain catchers

Forest Schools 17/11/22

Football Tournament

Science 04/10

Forest Schools 15/09



Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,


I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to the next year of teaching and learning. I have settled into life at TG really well and I am very much looking forward to the year ahead! It has been great getting to know you all this past week.


Forest Schools will begin on 15/09 for a 3 week block rotation. 

Please ensure all belongings are clearly labelled so that we can do our best to reunite lost property with its owner. 

Homework (w/b 12/09/22)

  • 1 page of Maths
  • 1 page of English 
  • Spellings (will be tested)
  • Read every day (10 mins or more). Please sign your child's reading record so that we can keep track of the reading taking place.

Please find the Autumn curriculum letter attached below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to approach myself or Mrs T, we will do our best to help.


Mrs Davidson and Mrs Twemlow.



Autumn Curriculum Letter

Our latest OFSTED report is now available - we are so pleased with the comments and we believe it is a true reflection of our school. Happy reading!