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Everyone to thrive

Our Strategic plan

Temple Guiting Church of England School

Strategic Aims - February 2019


VISION: “Everyone to thrive”


VISION DESCRIPTION: “By eleven, a Temple Guiting child has developed a love of learning, can clearly articulate their ideas and solves problems to the best of their ability. Their high self-esteem and respect for others comes from a continual sense of personal and team achievement. Our children learn to live life to the full.”


Strategic Aims and Objectives


1.      Maximise the opportunities for the development of every pupil


  • Provide our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which takes account of our school’s vision, values and best practice

  • Ensure “brilliant basics” for every pupil, which allows them to progress to the highest level of which they are capable

  • Provide our pupils with opportunities to use and apply academic and other life skills to prepare for their future

  • Embed in the curriculum opportunities for our pupils to understand and practise the Christian values which underpin the school, while expanding their awareness of cultural, religious and ethnic diversity

  • Maintain a supportive and challenging approach to the leadership (including governance) of our school

  • Ensure our staff development programme is linked to individual professional needs, providing the best possible learning opportunities for all our pupils


2.      Enhance the wider offering for every child


  • Broaden our pupils’ horizons and experiences: maintaining our commitment to sport, music, technology, languages and our rural environment and taking full advantage of extra-curricular opportunities and the expertise of parents and members of our communities.

  • Continue and extend the provision of opportunities for our pupils to build their self-esteem and grow as people.


3.      Increase opportunities for our pupils and staff through collaboration and communication


  • Ensure our pupils and their parents are clear how they are progressing through a frequent, structured and consistent parent/teacher communication programme

  • Foster relationships with our Church and local communities

  • Grasp opportunities to collaborate with other school networks and schools in contrasting localities for the benefit of our pupils and staff

  • Ensure every stakeholder has the opportunity to have their voice heard


4.      Keeping the school sustainable


  • Optimise pupil numbers

  • Continue to grow the reputation of the school by promoting the excellent work done by our pupils inside and outside the classroom, by maintaining an effective communications strategy

  • Engage with the economic, educational, social and technological opportunities of environmentally sustainable practices

After school care is now up and running - it's going to be a great addition to our school. Please contact the office if you would like more details- it runs each day until 5.30 if required.