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Sports Premium



Participation at local, district and county level
Temple Guiting School plays a leading role in promoting the Schools Sport Partnership of our eleven neighbouring primary schools.  The Partnership employs a coordinator who organises tournaments: tag rugby, quickstix hockey, cross-country, orienteering, soccer, sports hall athletics, gymnastics, dance, high five netball, kwik cricket, rounders, swimming, athletics and toplink games.  She also runs coaching sessions and promotes 'sports leaders' from Cotswold School.  Although the Partnership is currently funded from the Sports Premium, it is highly valued by all its member and will be maintained if this funding ceases.



All our pupils benefit from teachers who have been well trained in PE and their attainment levels are high.  We have achieved this by using Sports Premium funding to employ a specialist PE teacher, part of whose role is to train teachers and teaching assistants to deliver high quality PE lessons.  Given that the school is so small, out pupils compete at a very high level.  We always have runners in the county cross-country finals and our tag rugby team recently reached the regional finals, alongside our very successful floorball teams 3 teams entered NC competitions.


Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle

The school runs a sports based after-school club on three  afternoons every week: soccer, Tai Kwando, multi-sports (tag, hockey and soccer),   Members of these clubs participate in competitions, perform in public or join sports clubs in the district.  We are particularly pleased with the level of parent participation.  We use the newsletter and celebration assembly to celebrate sporting success outside school such as ice-skating and equestrian events. We have had children scouted from our school for 2 profesional football academies and the Gloucester County Squash squad alongside a child participating in external inter club tennis. July 2022

Sports day date is Friday 28th June NOT Wednesday 26th.